Welcome to Ingenium Concepts

Through the power Web Design and Development, we are your personal team of web masters whose goals are to help you take your business to the next level. We utilize the best in UI & UX Design to provide you with a simple, yet elegant web page that emphasizes the most current standards. The internet can be a very daunting place, let us help you navigate your presence.

Our services

At Ingenium Concepts, we provide the professional services which help our cusomters to leverage their business to a highest standard. Customer support has always been a number one priority. We make sure to take care of your businesses just like ours.

ingenium concepts provided services


We design everything that your website needs: UX/UI, Logo, Favicon, Color & Theme. We provide a minimalistic approach along with a fluid concept for your business


We take our customers’ requirements seriously. Through effective communication we focus on delivering exactly what you expected.


Stay on top! We work closely with you to promote your website. With our experience in digital marketing, we make sure your online presence is felt.


Keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. We are here to take good care of your site and ensure that your “Check Engine” light doesn’t come on.

Meet our team

As software engineers, we bring to all size of business the affordable, smart and elligent web application solution. We will work with you closely to plan and develop the most advance system you can think of with all of our engineering knowledge.

Minh Huynh

Founder, Software Engineer

As a software engineer and full-stack developer, Minh has experience in all levels of web development from simple to complex systems. After graduating, he partnered up with Evelyn to provide the solution and offer their fabulous coding skills to businesses. Through functional and responsive design Minh leads Ingenium Concepts in helping local businesses boost their online presence to the next level. He is such a tech savant that you can feel at ease knowing as a customer your site will never fall behind.

Evelyn Gonzalez

UX/UI Designer, Videographer

As an student, Evelyn always had a strong desire to be artistic. Even as a young girl, she could often be seen behind a camera as she created numerous home movies. Yet, it was her inner geek and love for all things tech that prompted her to focus on UX/UI design in school as she earned her degree in Computer Science. Now thanks to years of experience making videos and a unique artistic vision she brings a solid understanding and creative mind to engage your audience through imaginative ways. She is a vital piece of our team focuses on helping you receive a website with the look and feel you dream of.